Registration of connection with fep server

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If you don't know fep, please click here. about fep?

Please click the submit button after you enter the following items carefully.

your name Please input without starting IME.
belong to If you are...
a student-> Please fill in your teacher's name.
a graduate-> the teacher's name when you were a student in JAIST
a teacher-> your department's name
a staff-> your section's name
a joint researcher-> your organization's name
your address Please input your telephone number or your e-mail address.
Expiration /  (year/month)

your status I am JAIST member I was JAIST member other Please be sure to select one radio button.

If you have already completed JAIST, plese select your graduation year from pull-down menu.

For example, if you graduated JAIST on March 2018, please select 2017.4-2018.3

login password
password of SSH on fep Please enter this term more than 10 characters.
Please use alphameric character and special charaster as
your password.
please retype the password of SSH on fep

(Please consider these matters.)

  1. The login of fep is done by "SSH".
  2. You can't use traditional way of certification if you access fep by "telnet" or "rlogin".
  3. The password of fep is used by the certification of password of SSH.
  4. I'm sorry,please set up the certification of RSA of SSH after you access fep.
  5. After you login fep,you have to use usual password to login other machine.
  6. To keep our security,please use the different password from your usual password.
  7. Don't include the symbols which have special meaning on UNIX shell (i.e. &).

If you have some questions, demands and complaints, please get in touch with the information science center (e-mail: